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 “The eye was born out of the light, and for the light” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


The playfulness of light when it subtly meets surfaces and textures is an invitation for the eyes to roam and wander into worlds of imagination.

In a time when our eyes most common "food" is the light of screens, it seems like the 'caressing hand’ of light, its majestic, soft radiance, re-creating the space for our curiosity and pleasure, is a little neglected.

Studio Mimesis strives to enable and revive these qualities of light that our contemporary lifestyles neglect.  We aim to infuse innovation and modern technologies with traditional materials and techniques,

And emphasize on enabling the creative engagement for our customers. We are able to do so by providing customizable options to our clients in dynamic light sculptures & modular lighting systems which provides them with the freedom to build their own cluster of light, both indoor and outdoor, thereby creating a magical atmosphere to relax and rejuvenate.

Currently there are three ranges that we offer:

1. The Curl-ins Bunch:

inspired by M.C Escher's creature, from his masterpiece 'house of stairs', we transformed Escher's fictional creature into the 3rd dimension, bringing the new form into light, and light into the form.  A sculptural dynamic light fixture, that by encompassing a special spine will allow you to change and maintain the desired posture, and perfectly mimic the movement attributes of the original.  Its clever build allows the assimilation of curl-in into the environment, both indoor and outdoor, in a unique way which is both organic and creative.

2. The Pillario range:  

 a series of multipurpose lamps with common attributes, that were designed to allow maximum designing flexibility, with a slick and elegant design.

the manufacturing is that of a workshop, with many of the procedures handmade, which also apparent in the look and feel of the products. the combination of concrete, led technology and handmade shades creates our unique look.

The concrete base goes through special treatment, giving it an attractive stained look with rich hues.  all the products in this range can be customized , with four colors for the concrete base and two lamp shade options - white and yellow , that were specially pigmented to achieve 'cold' or 'warm' light accordingly.

3. Sculptural range: With rich design sense and heritage, the Sculptural range is our flagship offering where we possess unique light fixtures which can truly transform not just the look but the entire ambiance of a room.

Application of ‘Mercury Sconce’ enables us to infuse content with design and form thereby taking the lighting experience to a whole new dimension. This mesmerizing sconce is a sculptural interpretation of the fifth seal from Rudolf Steiner 'planetary seals'.

Herein, the planetary seals symbolize a hidden thread of archetypal development process that humanity is going through, with the fifth seal indicating the present time. The beauty of the fifth seal enriches the experience of an observer and inspires them to learn more about the story behind the content.  

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