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Shade Color
Base Color

* Acid Staining brings out the natural textures of the concrete cast, thus coloring ,stains and textures may vary.  the overall hue will remain as illustrated. 


The latest addition to the Pillario collection , (and  the smallest one) 

Great fit for pathways , rockery and stairways.

Designer's outlook:

with a parabolic swing constrained in a conservative form , this design also allow to distribute the emitting of light slightly towards the exposed side of the slope. there are Two led light source options, that allow delicate or enhanced use of this up-light /diagonal light emitting future.

Pillario Juno
Path lamp
  • Light source: 3w LED bulb

  • 12v DC operation

  • Light intensity : 200 LM

  • optional anchoring to soil / solid surface

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