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LED lamp
Shade Color
Base Color *

* Acid Staining brings out the natural textures of the concrete cast, thus coloring ,stains and textures may vary.  the overall hue will remain as illustrated. 


Pillario portable is a dual purpose portable LED lamp, for indoor and outdoor use. Originally designed for creating an ambient setting, Pillario portable is widely used in the hospitality industry - as a table lamp for restaurants, lounge bars, hotel lobbies, and banquet halls, combining durability with luxury looks. It offers freedom to choose white shade for "cold" light, and the yellowish shade for "warm" light.  


Designer’s Outlook:  

The lamps base and shade can be customized in the entire Pillario collection with the help of an interactive interface above. The lamp is durable and water tight, with the concrete base add a sufficient weight to withstand windy nights , optimal for camping environment. For the recreational and private consumers, the USB rechargeable version will provide soft, atmospheric lighting for chilling and relaxing, with you wherever you are. 

Pillario portable


  • Type: dual purpose portable lamp

  • light source : 3w high power led

  • light intensity : 260-280LM

  • Input:  micro usb  charging 

  • Light source :  high power LED

  • 3 brightness levels

  • Illuminated operation button 

  • up to 12 hours light in full brightness

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