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Indoor/outdoor atmospheric light set -
pair of Univo lamps + single  Pillario portable
Shade Color
Base Color *

* Acid Staining brings out the natural textures of the concrete cast, thus coloring ,stains and textures may vary.  the overall hue will remain as illustrated. 

This set is ideal when a outdoor table lamp is needed , and a pair for bedside lamps / tv sidelamps. Pillario Univo is a multipurpose LED lamp for indoor usage, designed to provide high value solution to atmospheric lighting in living spaces. The portable version in this set will allow you to enjoy this relaxing ambience lighting outdoor.
Designer's outlook 
Pillario Univo works on a chaining module, herein, lamps are chained to each other with only one lamp actually plugged into the power source. This enhances versatility and enables easy distribution of lighting which is soft and ambient.  
  • 2 x Pillario univo chainable lamps.

  • 1 x Pillario portable led lamp

  • Light source 3 x 1w power led

  • Light intensity : 3 x 90-100 LM

  • 2x 12v dc adapter 

  • USB charging cable

  • inline dimmer

  • 2 x 3 meter cable 

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