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Mood lighting - lounge vibe to relax and revive

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Who isn’t familiar with the corny movie scene in which the seductive host / hostess ,in last preparation for a romantic evening, light up some candles , to complete the transformation of a room into a different atmosphere and state of mind. This transformation between the mundane , functional living space , in which we strive to complete the many tasks of everyday life , into a different atmosphere , one of relaxing and revving , is a good and important thing to do , and not only in occasions of wooing. In fact , there is a wide range of possibilities between a strong , white light , ideal for maximum concentration and alertness , and the dancing flames and soft , flickering shades of candle lighting. Experience shows , that dimming the main light source of a room will hardly be able to achieve the changing of atmosphere that we desire. The space will just look duller. that suggests that light intensity is not the main thing that will transform the atmosphere of a room and create a relaxing , refreshing environment.

Moreover, trying to achieve the desired effect by using other light systems that are set the perform a different task , like niches spots , will equally prove to be unsatisfactory .

But just as we care enough ,(not everyone , for sure) , to provide special lighting to illuminate and beautify the porcelains and artifacts in the living room niches , it is even more important to take care of our own mind and spirit , by creating for ourselves ‘mood setting’ lighting for our special times of romance, rest and recharging. This is becoming even more important relationships wise. The possibility to switch to a special scenario and atmosphere is a supporting factor in the drive and ability to turn off screens , whether the tv or the phone , , and concentrate one on each other.

What are the guiding lines for lighting that will achieve this transformation that we look for?

Surprisingly , not many endeavors were dedicated to bringing this specific task to perfection.

The basic way to achieve a softer light that suites relaxing is by using indirect light , for example by Torchiere lamps .nevertheless, those classy looking standing lamps have their own disadvantages. for start , it has a very distinct look that not always fits well within contemprary designed space. plus , standing lamps have the disadvantge of occuping part of the floor , and by that eliminating the possibility to use the space .

There are some ways to achieve better results in turning our living space into a magical environment.

Here are some of the most important parameters to consider:

Light color temperature : no need to be a scientist to know that “warm” light will enhance a soothing and cozy feeling . in the case of an exposed light source , the color temperature will be as indicated by the manufacturer, but most of the time the hue will be altered a bit by the shade, thus creating the lamps unique lighting properties. In this respect , one can differentiate the more commercial materials , that emanate the same hues for all the wide variety of lamps it is used for, and the more original , workshop materials , like custom patterned fabrics , papers and shades that are made of materials that going though painting or pigmentation in the process of manufacturing.

Direction of light and hight of light source : there are many combinations for this two very important parameters , the effects of which will affect greatly the feel of a room. For example , standing arched lamps that “bow” over the living room will create an atmosphere appropriate for a cheerful gathering , while an up light from a low place lamps is more suitable for a mellow , relaxing atmosphere. Those types , and many that has visible projections , emphasize this property of light that can greatly contribute to fine tune the artistic qualities of the space

Light projection could be seen as a kind of wall and ceiling painting . it could be very intensive and chaotic , it could produce fairly ordained patterns , and it could be simple yet beautiful.

The important thing is ,since it is an integral part of the light properties , that it will feel comfortable and inspiring , just as we would of a painting : that it wont “charge” our senses , yet will be interesting enough to spark our curiosity again and again.

Multiple light focal : atmospheric light should be soothing yet functional .you wont be happy to oversight a LEGO part on the carpet while you stroll across the room with a cup of coffee. For this reason a set of multiple lamps that are strategically placed in the space will provide an even and mellow lighting , enhancing both the visual appearance and the safety and functionality of the space.

For most living spaces , 4-8 lamps with appropriate light intensity (Lumens) will be enough.

Customization : spreading multiple lamps across a room require a design that will reverberate with the general color palette of the room , and will not create a style dissonance. Lamps that has several color option to choose from will be more likely to create a great fit with the room . design that is not too sophisticated or grab to much attention will allow this elements to assimilate in a way that will allow other decor elements in the room it\s proper place.

Modularity : regularly , a set of 6 lamps will require 6 power outlets , one for each lamps. This of course if the lamps aren’t a portable type , in this case it had to be charged once in a while , which will create an unnecessary effort.

A great solution is presented by a lamp sets in which each lamp is chained to the next. It still does not eliminate the need for cables , but it does eliminate the need for a nearby power outlet for each lamp.

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