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Chaining lamps : simple method for modular mood lighting

Updated: May 14, 2020

The demands of Modern life shape in many ways our lifestyle. We travel more , switch flats , and more of us live on rent and sublets . But for many , this does not eliminate the kin desire to feel at home , and personalize the living space according to one’s unique taste. While the ability to create this personalization with your cherished home decor items , does not face series limitations , in the aspect of lighting things are more complicated. Houses and flats comes with their own light systems , fixed or stationery , thus limiting the option to personalize this very important design property , the only one that actually affects the total look of the space and everything in it.

This especially true for evening time, or those special evenings in which we want to create a different atmosphere . it could be a romantic mood , or a need for relaxing with some music , or even one that lead us to stare at the ceiling ( for some it is still a legitimate activity) .

The properties of a daisy chained lamp sets provides the futures that maximize and broaden the possibilities to enjoy the advantages of personalized lighting .

Aesthetics : we can look at the effect of a multiple lamp set as the opposite , or complimentary to that of having one really amazing chandelier. While the grandeur festive look of a chandelier , or any other impressive ceiling hanging fixture ,quicken in us a festive , active and extrovert mood , a peripheral , up-light multiple lamps , with it’s unique wall projections , will lead to a cozy , mellow and pleasant vibe.

Value : while the superiority of of several lamps for pleasant living space lighting , upon a ceiling installation , is already well established , the cost of designed standing lamps could match , and even raise high above a main ceiling fixture , making the acquiring of several lamps a rather costly matter. By using a chain-able lamp set , you pay the price of a bundle , thus paying actually much less for each unit.

Extended functionality : the innovation of chaining several lamps one to another in low voltage has many advantages - eliminating the need for a power grid connection for each lamp is the most obvious one. But there are many other advantages :

1) centralize control : you decided where the “mother” lamp is ( the one that is actually connected to the power ) , and that is where you also control the whole system from.

2) create split systems - lets say your brought a modular lamp set of six units. But you want an autonomous set of four lamps for the living room , plus another two for the mudroom , or as bedside lamps . in the cost of additional wall adapter and a switch/dimmer , you are ready to go. Want to use each of the bedside lamps separately ? another adapter and dimmer and you all set. Each lamp can become autonomous , simply by adding a 12v adapter and an inline dimmer that could be purchased for a few bucks in any electronic store.

Design flexibility : as every interior designer knows , a balanced , cohesive look is the outcome of keeping a unified style across all elements , with a few focals of attention that exhibit a more interesting compositions , forms and color. A modular light system of multiple units will need to be able to assimilate in a way that will not grab too much attention or define the style of a room too much. By adhering to clean , simple forms , and having several color options that allow a better match with the room color’s , the lighting units will be able to further enhance the room’s color composition without compromising or altering it’s defined style.

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